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Line of Site Skteching Competition

Type: International
Category: Architecture
Registration deadline: June 2, 2006
Submission Date: June 15, 2006
Open to architects, architectural technicians, students, designers and engineers, each brief offers you the opportunity to stretch your creative mind to the full. The buildings, of course, are not going to be built - the aim is to see what you think is possible.... The reward of facing the ultimate challenge is equally impressive. Our sponsoring organisations are recognised as design leaders and true innovators - and they have put together prize packages that are equal to the task.

The competition is based on sketching - not fully developed designs. We are looking for the initial ideas that capture the essence of creativity and mark the point when those ideas take shape.

Taking part is straight forward. First of all you need to register - entries can only be accepted from registered participants. Then click on the live brief and follow the instructions.

An outline of the three briefs can be seen opposite. They will be released one at a time and there are five weeks to complete each. You can submit designs for just one or all three - but you only need to register once.

Throughout the competition and at the end of each brief, Building Design will be reviewing the entries and highlighting feedback from the judging panel.

It is important to stress that it is the creative thinking behind each design will be important - the judges will not just be assessing the quality of the submitted sketches.

Four winning entries from each brief will go on to the grand final event in October. For this, we will ask the designers to work up their submissions in greater detail and present their ideas to the judging panel. From the final twelve the overall winner will be selected.

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