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No-Sheep's Land

Type: Regional
Subject: Art and architecture
Start Date: February 17, 2011 At 18:00
End Date: March 19, 2011
City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Address: 63 Abdul Aziz street, Hamra district, Beirut, Lebanon

"As I cross hectares of empty lands repeatedly from Amman to 'Naher el Bared' Camp, ideas and questions around the meaning of land come to my mind. Four check points or more stretched along the extended No man's land - with an occasional appearance of scattered sheep in the horizon, free and mobile sheep - reminds me a lot of the empty bulldozed land of 'el Bared'; a land without sheep! An extended nothingness and a surreal cost... The temporary permanents, the vertical horizons; paradoxical dialogue and comparisons accompanied me constantly as I crossed borders and moved within the cities. Scenes are created in an inner monologue that is constantly fed by the everyday life of crossing/transition/building/rebuilding, and gradually transforms into radical or maybe Utopian possibilities superimposed on real/imagined lands, questioning: How do you build without a land?!"

Saba Innab 

Saba Innab is an artist and architect whose work is concerned with urbanism and processes of space production and re-production in a critical discursive understanding. The Palestinian- Jordanian artist, born in 1980, acquired a bachelor's degree in Architecture at the Jordan University of Science and Technology-2004.



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