Wyssem Nochi's Dark Matter

Entering Wyssem Nochi's ON/OFF studio is like stepping into a different time. The visitor is faced with a large conveyor belt, which Nochi produced in 2009. "It is a table," the quirky designer explains to the Archileb team. "We are often under siege," and this was one approach to the waiting game, to sit around a constantly revolving table of drinks and "drink it up," Nochi continues cheerily. And yet, there is a darker aspect to his most recent work entitled "Dark Matter," a theory of death after losing his mother, as he refers to the plastic body bags hanging on the wall facing the table one in transparent plastic and the other in opaque black. Who would buy body bags? This is just one example of how Nochi's work crosses the line from design to art. It is not a rare reaction to having grown up during a long civil war, " near the infamous sniper in Holiday Inn." However, Nochi cautions not to read too much morbidity into his work, for ther is also humor, as in the makeshift "couches" composed of shiny, black suitcases, like a mobile airport or another element of waiting in a besieged airport, which has occurred in Beirut in the recent years. And then there is "the meditative chair," which is a liquid crystal hexagonal chair, which allows one to breathe in more deeply since "it forms an invisible pyramid above the nose" when one sits on it.

Wyssem Nochi also demonstrated his "wormhole" table, with the concavity meant for "that perfect bowl of fruits," and it is in the form of a loop to designate how light travels in space, in a folding manner. "A wormhole is created by two black holes." Wyssem Nochi definitely has a conceptual and spiritual basis for his designs, and he believes that "it is the ancestral memory of the human being which holds the universe together. The idea of the universe is a thought, a concept. Dark energy matter is what comprises our universe. Closer your eyes. What do you see? We are all composed of dark matter."

On his desk, one can find the looking glass to what it is that we are composed of. There is a rearview mirror placed there, and nearby, an X-ray light of a skull. His storage room is the antithesis, bathed in white lights and white walls.

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