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Design Woodmaking: Chairs and More

Type: International
Category: Architecture
Subject: Product Design
Registration deadline: April 25, 2011
Submission Date: April 25, 2011
Country: Italy

Will you be the young designer to represent your country during IWD?

Italian Design Workshop discovers new young designers

The Nations will be represented at IWD 2011 are:

    - ITALY





    - POLAND

    - SWEDEN

    - TURKEY

International workshop with eight young designers representing eight different countries leaded by three Italian Design masters.

2011 Wood and design: a winning combination today as in the past. Timeless masterpieces of design as the historic chair Thonet no. 14 or the simultaneous LaLeggera demonstrate the validity of a material that accompanies man since immemorial times. Modern technologies now allow new solutions and new applications that, from furniture, have helped to put this material into new markets and product areas.

Each young designer will be matched with 3 companies in order to jointly develop project ideas in the lab during the week. This joint experience will allow the designer to share a project with the producing company and, on the other side, the company to immediately asses the feasibility, with the aim of identify original products, that can be produced and sold at the same time.

You can apply to the selection preparing:

  a book of your works (pdf) and your CV

 a short video-clip/interview for show your visions of design, wood and italian style (time max 5 minutes)

Each Designer selected will be hosted in the Italian Chair District for all the IWD week, round trip from the country of residence included.

The 8 young designers participating to the workshop will be selected by a Joint Commission including of representatives of ASD Sedia, ICE and Interni magazine.

After a pre-selection phase leaded by ICE concerned foreign offices, the list of candidates will be checked by the Selection Committee according to the following evaluation criteria:

• Originality of the projects presented in the book;

 Proven experience of the candidate in the design of wood products;

 Effectiveness of the activity presentation;

 Relations with industrial and academic/university network.

To apply for the selection, young designers (under 35) should fill in, from March 1 to April 25, 2011 the online form.

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