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Design Woodmaking: Chairs and More


The Agency for the Development of the Industrial Chair District - ASDI SEDIA Spa Consortile and the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade ICE (Italian Trade Commission), with the participation of INTERNI, organize the week of ITALIAN WORKSHOP DESIGN 2011 (IWD), from June 5 to June 10, 2011 in the Italian Chair District located in the province of Udine.

During the IWD week, 8 young Designers will attend to the International Workshop “Wood making: chairs and more”. The 8 designers, representing 8 different Countries, led by 3 masters of the Italian design, will jointly develop and design new products to be submitted to 24 Italian Furniture Companies of the Chair District.

The workshop aims at developing new concepts and products in order to encourage the Chair District companies to consider wood as a versatile material that can be involved in the production of traditional seats and also in the development of new products suitable for new market segments.

The workshop will be attended by 24 companies of the Italian Chair District (3 for each Designer) that will lead the designers through the local production, both with speeches in classroom and visits to companies production sites.

During the workshop, the companies will also evaluate the designer’s design activities and progressively judge the feasibility of the projects.

The ASDI – SEDIA “Design desk” will manage the matching between the companies and the designers with regard to the preferences expressed by the participating companies.

The workshop programme will include the testimonial of three major representatives of Italian Design with proven expertise and international reputation.

1A programme of events will be part of the Italian Chair District Open and will consist of theme events on design and territory, show room open to the public, temporary exhibitions of design promoting local production and creative attitude of the District.

The present regulations set the criteria and procedures for selection and participation of eight young De- signers attending to the workshop "Wood making: chairs and more".

Art. 1 Requirement for participation

The selection is limited to 8 young professional Designers with the following requirements:

- Residence in one of the following countries:

1. Italy             IT

2.Sweden        SV

3. Poland         PL

4. Czech Rep.  CZ

5. Turkey         TR

6.Germany       DE

7.Netherlands   NL

8. Lebanon        RL

- A degree (or equivalent certificate) in Industrial Design or equivalent;

- Aged under 35 years;

- English proficiency;

- Experience in using Rhinoceros, 3DStudio Max or other solid modelling software;

- Design experience in the development of wood products.

The above-mentioned requirements must be satisfied at the moment of submission of the application form.

Art. 2 Documents required

For the purposes of the application, each applying Candidate shall attach the following documents to the application form:

CURRICULUM VITAE according to the European model in English, with a full career report: collaborations, also with academies, awards and publications. The document shall be in PDF format.

IMAGES - A .pdf file (maximum size 3 Mb) containing images or illustrative tables representing a product portfolio related to the career of the applying candidate. Each product shall include information about the manufacturer and a brief description of the item. The Candidate allows the diffusion and reproduction of the uploaded images and projects. The file in .pdf format shall be named as follows: code-nation_surname_name.pdf (example: IT_rossi_mario.pdf). The symbols used for the Countries of residence are quoted in Article 1.

For the purposes of the final evaluation, candidates can also provide:

VIDEO - Report a YouTube link to a video made by the candidate expressing a personal vision con- cerning the following questions:

What is design for you? Talk about your design philosophy.

Wood: what vision for the future?

What is the Italian design for you?

The movie will be a maximum of 5:00 minutes and can be supported by a brief personal presentation (2000 characters maximum).

All the documentation provided shall be strictly in English; other documents provided in different languages will not be evaluated.

Art. 3 Terms for submission of application

To apply the candidates shall fill in an online application form, available on the website . The form must be entirely filled in and shall contain the documents mentioned at the Art- icle 2.

The application must be sent no later than April 25, 2011 (notwithstanding the earlier date of March 31, 2011) . Application forms sent after the deadline will not be evaluated.

The documents submitted (PICTURES-VIDEOS-TEXTS) will be published and distributed on the website . Therefore, the candidate agrees, with the application form, on the use and disclosure of such images by the organizers of Italian Workshop Design.

Art. 4 Pre-selection and final selection procedures

Applications received according to the requirements of Articles 1-2-3 will be preselected by local ICE office concerned, which will identify a shortlist of maximum 5 Designers by Country, to be submitted to the Com- mission for review within 8 days from the closing date of accession. The pre-selection of the 5 Italian Designers will be managed by the Sportello Design of Asdi Sedia.

The 8 national lists, containing the five pre-selected names, will be examined by the Jury referred to in Art - icle 5, which will establish a ranking of the top three designers for each Country.

Applications will be evaluated with the following criteria:

- Originality of the projects;

- Experience in the design of wood products;

- Communication effectiveness of the movie carried out;

- Links with professional and academic world;

- Value of the publications and awards received by any candidate.

Art. 5 Committees, meetings and deliberations of the Jury

The Jury charged with the final selection of the Participants includes:

- Mr. Matteo Tonon, Asdi Sedia - Member of the council;

- Mrs. Anna Lombardi, Asdi Sedia

– Sportello Design project manager;

- Mrs. Adele Massi, Consumer Goods Area and Living System Manager of the Italian institute for Foreign Trade;

- Mrs. Alessandra Rainaldi, Head of Furniture Line for Italian institute for Foreign Trade;

- Mrs. Katrin Cossetta, journalist of Interni.

Within the Commission, the members will elect a President. The Commission shall be validly constituted with the presence of at least 3 Commissioners and may act by a majority of those present.

Art.6 Result of the selection

ASDI SEDIA will publish the results of selection directly on the website : within May 6, 2011 (notwithstanding the earlier date of April 22, 2011) and such notice shall operate as notice to all candidates for selection. The Designers selected to represent their State of residence will be contacted directly by Asdi Sedia and shall confirm the participation not later than May 15, 2011 (notwithstanding the earlier date of April 29, 2011).

If the "first selected" does not confirm the participation before the above deadline, the organization is free to contact other candidates according to the ranking list.

Art. 7 Hospitality

Each Designer selected will be hosted in the Italian Chair District from June 5 to June 11, 2011 in coopera- tion between ASDI and ICE. The hospitality package includes: - Round trip from the country of residence, in a manner to be agreed with the organization;

- Overnight stay in single room;

- Full board (excluding any extras outside the official program)

- Expenses flat rate budget of € 300 maximum.

The five days workshop programme, from Monday, June 6, 2011 to Friday, June 10, 2011, schedules the arrival of Participants on Sunday, June 5, 2011 and the departure on Saturday, June 11, 2011.

During the final Friday evening, workshop Participants will be asked to present a report concerning their activities during the week and the developed design ideas.

During the workshop, each Participant shall have his/her own laptop and any other useful tool for projects development.

Art. 8 Use rights

The projects developed during the workshop will remain the property of the Designer who will agree to the contractual modes with the concerned Company for later use. The participating Company reserves the option to use the projects chosen for a period of one year from the end of the workshop. Within this period, they can decide to produce them, in which case the economic rela- tionship with the Designer will be regulated by a contract that will involve only the Company and the De- signer.

The promotional role of ASDI and ICE is exhausted in the organization of the initiative, and any legal rela- tionship arising from the use or production launch of the prototypes, projects or other works resulting from the workshop covers exclusively the Designers and the Companies involved, without prejudice to Article 9.

Art. 9 Information and disclosure of the results

ASDI SEDIA and ICE undertake to promote the initiative at the national press and to valorise the results through all the actions they deem most appropriate and effective. Asdi Sedia and ICE will use all images, videos and/or interviews produced during the workshop period for promotional activities.

Participants authorize ASDI SEDIA and ICE:

- To show the projects resulting from the workshop in any exhibition to be held no later than April 30, 2012

- To publish the projects developed during the workshop on catalogues, printed books and articles on the trade press, websites. Nothing is due for this right. However, there will be mention of the author.

The Participants can request that the final outcome of their work not be disclosed. This duly substantiated request must be given in writing to the offices of Asdi Sedia by Friday, June 10, 2011.

Art. 10 Acceptance of the rules

Participation in the selection requires the total acceptance of these rules. When applying for the selection, candidates agree to the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with Legislative Decree 196 of 2003. The controller is Asdi Sedia Spa Consortile, via Trieste 9 / 6, 33044 Manzano (UD).

Art.11 Contacts

The information material and the application form are available on the website – mail to:

For more information, please contact the organizers via e-mail:

Asdi Sedia

Via Trieste 9/61

33044 Manzano, Udine - Italy

ph. +39 (0)432 755550

ICE – Italian Trade Commission Consumer Goods Division

Via Liszt 21 – 00144 Roma EUR - Italy

ph. +39 06 5992 9355 – 7887

fax +39 06 8928 0324

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