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Zenith Magazine & Image Library, London


The Zenith Foundation, platform for independent cultural production with a focus in the Arab world and its Diaspora, is launching the Zenith Magazine, an online cultural review.

The first 2 issues aim to develop Zenith projects in art, film and music, with future issues being theme based, and making use of the multimedia nature of the internet to explore films, music, art, literature, and their intersections with popular media, society and politics.

Issue 1 is available online at

Zenith Foundation aims at establishing a network of contributors. Those who are interested can email at

Zenith has established an online image library providing a visual archive of the Arab region across time periods, countries and subject matters including conflicts, revolutions, political figures, concerts, festivities, cultural figures, religion, ordinary people and everyday lives. reveals intriguing contrasts, surprising subject matters and a complex and varied region - elements often lacking in its representation and that have inspired Zenith Foundation to start the archive. The featured photographers include established photographic artists as well as new talent, and archive materials from private collections.

Zenith Foundation is calling for images submission. In order to do so, register as a photographer at and follow the instructions for the simple process of upload.

For more information

URL Postal Zenith Foundation, Apollo 11, 18 All Saints Road, London W11 1HH U

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