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City Debates 2011: Contemporary Urbanism in the Arab World


The American University of Beirut’s

Graduate Programs in Urban Planning and Policy & Urban Design (MUPP-MUD)

at the Department of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
with the support of the AUB Issam Fares Institute, the British Council & the Institut Français du Proche-Orient (IFPO)
City Debates 2011: Contemporary Urbanism in the Arab World
May 12-13, 2011
Architecture Lecture Hall (ALH)

Conference program:
Day 1: Thursday May 12: Institutional & Master Planning
[03:00-03:30] Welcome & Introduction
Mona Harb (ArD-AUB): About City Debates and City Debates 2011
Howayda al-Harithy (ArD-AUB): The “Urbanism in the Arab World” Initiative at AUB
[03:30-5:30] Panel 1: Institutional & Master Planning
Abeer al-Saheb (Amman Institute): The Amman Plan
Walid Bakhos (Khatib & Alami): The Damascus Master Plan
> Discussant: Abdul-Halim Jabr (architect & urban design consultant)
Serge Yazigi (Yazigi Atelier & Majal-IUA-ALBA- UOB): Master Planning in Lebanon: Planning for Dinosaurs?
Ali Nouri (urban planning consultant, Baghdad): Urban Planning Problems in Baghdad
> Discussant: Sateh Arnaout (World Bank)
[05:30-05:45] Coffee Break
[05:45-07:15] Keynote I & Discussion
Habib Debs (URBI, Beirut): The Changing Figures of the Planned City in the Arab World
> Moderator: Raghda Jaber (management and policy consultant)
Day 2: Friday May 13: Strategic Urban Interventions
[09:30-10:30] Panel 2: Urban Models
Waleed Hazbun (PSPA-AUB): The ‘Dubai Model’ and its Effects: Tourism and the Political Economy of Place-Making
Khaled Adham (UAE University): Globalization and Urban Fantasies in Cairo
> Discussant: Mona Fawaz (ArD-AUB)
[10:30-11:30] Panel 3: Approaches to Planning and Reconstruction
Hassan Jishi (Waad): A New Approach to Post-War Reconstruction: The Waad Project [in Arabic]
Amira Solh (Solidere): Beirut City Center 17 Years Later: A Dynamic Urban Planning Process
> Discussant: Wafa Charafeddine (CDR-Lebanon)
[11:30-11:45] Coffee Break
[11:45-12:45] Panel 4: Cultural Urban Strategies
Yasser el-Sheshtawy (UAE University): ‘Late-Capitalist’ Cultural Encounters: Urban Strategies in Abu Dhabi
and Dubai
Peter Ross (MAM II, Syria): Urban Development Issues of Heritage Tourism: A View from Syria
> Discussant: Robert Saliba (ArD-AUB)
[12:45-03:00] Lunch Break
[03:00-04:30] Panel 5: Governing the Unruly
Myriam Ababsa (IFPO, Amman): Public Policies towards Informal Settlements in Jordan (1965-2010)
Dina Shehayeb (Shehayeb Consult & HBRC) & Ahmad al-Helo: The Dilemma of Egypt’s Informal Areas: a Pride, a Shame!
Patrick Wakely (London University): Incremental Development in Growing Cities: The Experience of Informal Settlements in Aleppo
> Discussant: Mona Khechen (urban development consultant)
[04:30-05:30] Panel 6: Greening and Designing Sustainable Cities
John Madden (Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council): Toward Sustainable Urbanism in Abu Dhabi
Jala Makhzoumi (LDEM-AUB): Urban Hinterland or ‘Lifeline’?: A Holistic Approach to Greening Erbil City
> Discussant: Yasser Abunnasr (LDEM-AUB)
[05:30-05:45] Coffee Break
[05:45-07:15] Keynote II & Discussion
Pierre-Arnaud Barthel (CEDEJ, Cairo): Arab Mega-Projects: Between the ‘Dubai Effect’, Global Crisis, Social
Mobilization and a Sustainable Shift
> Moderator: Mona Harb (ArD-AUB)

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