Save the buses, by Joanne Choueiri

Architect: Joanne Choueiri

Mar Mikhael [Lebanon] is an area that was previously known for the transportation hub that used to function before the war of 1975. Sadly, the hub does not function anymore because of the lack of a proper transportation system in Lebanon.

Currently the site contains, among other things, a bus graveyard. A whole area filled with buses that don’t function anymore. They just lay there. Through the site visit, and as seen in the pictures, these buses are in a miserable state, taking over a huge space in the city.
I have thought of using these “dead buses” as objects that will be placed all over Lebanon. They are immobile, fixed objects seen all around the different cities; thus the bus becomes a sculptural element.
Joanne Choueiri is an American Univeristy of Beirut architecture graduate and is part of the 7284 group of architects-artists. Aside from her artistic aspirations ranging from painting to video art, she likes to work with the city and pictures it as a playground where people interact with it and discover new layers - both emotional and physical - binding them more and more to their environment. In this light, Joanne has worked on the Mar Mikhayel train station as part of her academic endeavor, not only as an architecture student but also as an artist, intervening on the site's outer wall. She participated in the creation of the blog "" in order to move people towards the Mar Mikhayel station which consists of a green urban void nowadays. In addition to that, she has participated and ranked 3rd with honorable mention, on the competition launched by UFA under the title "3D mapping event" with her group 7284, in 2010.


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