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Mittelmeerland 3 Beirut, Lebanon


Mittelmeerland is investigating the future of the Mediterranean. Over a period of three years the intention is to research six different Mediterranean cities. Beirut is the destination after Tangier and Dubrovnik. Algiers, Istanbul and Alexandria will follow.

Beirut forms the meeting point of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – and functions as a trading hub. Its port has been constantly extended to meet the demands of a growing population and economy. Once embedded in the urban fabric, it has now become a giant container port that blocks one third of the city’s coastline.
Against this backdrop of diversity, conflict, unpredictability and complexity, can we say how Beirut’s coastline is going to change in relation to the Mediterranean? What are the driving forces behind its reconstruction? What is the vision for a city of many cultures in need of modernisation? We will work on five different areas along the coastline, analysing existing conditions and future projections, playfully appropriating small-scale phenomena, translating found conditions into large-scale landscape ecologies and envisioning urban change. The architectural portraits, urban biographies, narrative maps and imaginative collages that we produce will ultimately feature in a publication of the workshop’s research on waterfront cities around the Mediterranean.
During the workshop a one-day symposium will be held. Its purpose is to examine how the Mediterranean region can reposition itself as a ‘territory’ based on climatic and economic conditions, and subject to specific social, political and spatial dynamics and experiences.
The workshop is open to architecture and design students and professionals worldwide.


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