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'War and Other Impossible Possibilities' Book by Gregory Buchakjian


The Arab world is perhaps one of the toughest regions in the world. Alongside economic rigor and glazed authoritarian regimes that, until the 2010-2011 revolts, seemed would last forever, the consistent element of war can help explain what it is that makes Algiers or Aden harder to live in than other cities of the postcolonial third world. Since 1945, the Arab world has been the stage for an impressive number of civil wars and limited or large-scale interventions and invasions, involving local interests and external powers.

War and Other (Impossible) Possibilities is a reflection on the paths of history and their implications on practices and discourses of contemporary Arab artists. This book attempts to be an eye opener to understand the changes in Arab societies from within through a historical analysis of the region, based on highlights of the collection as well as a selection of other striking artworks.
Gregory Buchakjian (Beirut, 1971; Université Paris IV Sorbonne, dipl.) is an art historian and photographer. Faculty at Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA), he currently focuses on critical research in contemporary cultural practices in the Arab World. His artistic work confronts the human body with urban space and its history. Recent publications include: Esteban Lisa (Buenos Aires and Cuenca, 2010), De Lumière et de Sang (Beirut, 2010), Art is the Answer! Contemporary Lebanese Artists and Designers (Brussels,


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