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Call for Designs Dream Rooms by Toufoula NGO


Toufoula, a nonprofit organization established in Lebanon to help children with cancer and blood diseases, is calling on Lebanese architects and designers to send their designs for the Dream Rooms project [] for the Geitaoui Hospital. Once Geitaoui’s designs are approved and ready to be implemented, other designs will be needed at a later stage to be implemented in other Lebanese hospitals the NGO is currently reaching out to.

Participants should present their design to the organization that will submit them to the hospital. Once approved, execution will be undertaken. As recognition, a plate will be placed in the room showing Toufoula’s logo along with the designer's name.
Some guidelines that designers should keep in mind:
No Grooves
No Shedding Material
Vinyl for Flooring
The eco-smart elements that could be taken into consideration in the design
- Low or no VOC paints and finishes
- Wood floor or cabinets made from trees grown and harvested in sustainable managed forests like eucalyptus wood or whatever available in the Lebanese market
- Fresh-air intakes and fine particle filters on air conditioners which is provided by all hospitals
- Countertops or carpets if any made of recyclable materials
- Efficient light fixtures, high energy saving with a potential use of LED
- Eco-friendly furniture and accents
- Upholstery stuffing made from natural materials such as wool, kapok, down or cotton batting
- Fabrics made of natural fibers
- Healthier and organic mattresses made of organic cotton, natural rubber, and wool
- Antibacterial tiles in bathrooms.
So far, Toufoula’s assistance for children reached tens of patients by refurbishing 46 rooms in pediatric cancer and pediatric wards. Toufoula will be reaching 51 rooms in the end of 2012, including a 1 day chemo room that contains 18 beds, a playroom, and 2 rooms of the single beds in Notre Dame de Secours, and a single bed room in the Rafic Hariri University Hospital. Through the past years, 115,000USD were allocated to the treatments of the little warriors. By contributing to this important cause, you are bringing joy and wonder to the lives of children with cancer.

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