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Modern Heritage Observatory – Fourth Networking Meeting


The meeting kicked off with an introduction by the new MoHO project director at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Ariane Langlois, followed by a brief presentation of the attendees.

One of MoHO’s communication officers presented the newly-­‐launched online platform
All network members and actors in the cultural field in the region are encouraged to take part in it and contribute to the content by submitting news articles and sharing links related to modern heritage in its various forms, to
Claudine Abdelmassih (ACA) presented the idea of the International Archives Day, to take place on the 9th of June and organized by the International Council on Archives. The importance of the participation of the MoHO network members in a collective action on that date was highlighted. The suggested action was the organizing of an “open house day”, where a selection of archives would open their doors to the public. The participation of those archives that are usually inaccessible to the public was emphasized. Such archives include the Ministry of Tourism’s archives, and the National Library archive. As these are governmental institutions and difficulties for opening them on a Sunday are foreseen, it was suggested that some would open the following day, Monday the 10th of June.
A leaflet containing a map and an index of all the archives and institutions participating was proposed as a communication tool for the event, provided time allows its production this year. Attendants agreed that it would be easier, for this year, to produce a digital map, to be distributed on online platforms and social media during the promotional period of the open house day. The International Council of Archives’s Universal Declaration form is available on the council’s website and can be easily printed out and distributed with the map and index suggested above, pinpointing the importance of archives and raising awareness among the public about their functions. For future editions of the event, further materials could be developed. Zeina Arida, Arab Image Foundation director, introduced “We are Working”, an online directory for non- ‐profit organizations working in the arts and culture field and launched by the AIF in partnership with Samandal and Assabil. MoHO network members are invited to register by filling an online form at The “We are Working” directory could facilitate the production of such a map and index.
Communication was identified as a key to the success of the event. Journalists will be contacted individually, and a press conference could be organized, either prior the event or following it directly. Participants suggested to invite reporters to guided tours of the archives that will participate in the International Archives’   Day event, in the hope that they would produce a short reportage that would also help promote the event.
Renée Asmar, of An-­‐Nadwa, stated that the organization will launch sessions for schools and universities in October 2013. One of the episodes can be dedicated to archives, where a talk related to archives would be followed by a discussion, as part of the awareness raising activities that the network is aiming to carry out.

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