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ABNIAH was established in 1979 as a construction company based in Lebanon. ABNIAH's mission is to implement projects of building construction, including structure and interior design. Throughout the years, ABNIAH has successfully carried out various projects including Villas, Residential Complexes, Commercial and Offices buildings, Industrial buildings, and Educational buildings.

Address Ashrafieh, Sursock Street, Moutran Building, 1st and 6th Floors, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)1 445 300 Tel2 +961 (0)1 445 301
Website Fax +961 (0)1 561 917


AEL Architects

Address 2nd Fl., Saliba - Samaha Bldg., US Embassy Str., Awkar, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)4 541 418 Fax +961 (0)4 541 418


Afkarcom Design

Afkarcom Designs works closely with the Architect and Engineers to ensure a quality project through the preparation of detailed and comprehensive project budgets and construction schedules. With our experience, we have a thorough understanding of the special needs of our clients for accuracy in planning, budgeting, and scheduling of the construction project.

Address Hassoun building, Tal El-Zaatar street, Dekwaneh, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 684948 Website
Mobile +961 (0)1 684949


Al Saad General Contracting

Twenty six years of continuous growth is the proof of the momentum that has been maintained at Alsaad General Contracting Company since its incorporation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, back in 1983.

Address AlSaad Villa, Roma Street , Sanayeh District, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 742 530
Website Fax +961 (0)1 742 535



Almabani is a general contracting company developing projects in Lebanon and other Arab countries.

Address Almabani Towers, Beirut, Tripoli Highway, Dbayeh, Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)4 521 181 Tel2 +961 (0)4 521 185
Website Fax +961 (0)4 521 193


Arabian Civil Works Company

Arabian Civil Works Company (ACW) is a leading contracting and engineering company based in Lebanon. ACW has gained its expertise over more than 30 years of continued services, enjoying the confidence of a large clientele in different fields of construction and infrastructure.

Address 2nd Fl, Concorde Bldg, Verdun District, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)1 340 994 Tel2 +961 (0)1 340 995
Website Fax +961 (0)1 341 001


Arabian Construction Company

Arabian Construction Company (ACC) is a dynamic and progressive organization that has grown to become a leader in its industry. ACC has been operating since 1967, through a comprehensive regional network throughout the Middle East. From power generation and desalination plants, to factories, hotels, hospitals, and intricately sophisticated smart buildings. ACC's specialty fields include: Infrastructure and civil works construction, Turnkey contracting, Value engineering, Industrial equipment procurement and installation.

Address Ras Beirut, Gefinor Bloc C, 1st Fl., Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 355 910 Website
Fax +961 (0)1 355 917


Arcade Group & Co.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of real estate, Arcade Group & Co has become one of the most reputable developers in Lebanon and the Region. Our consistent strategy has insured that the group is resilient in the current economic climate and is still able to plan and invest for future growth.

Address Sakiet El Jansir, Mochnouk Str, Kanater Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 794 040
Website Mobile +961 (0)3 220 999
Fax +961 (0)1 794 050


Barakat Contracting

Barakat contracting is a leading diversified general contracting company including execution of works in many domains such as contracting of buildings refurbishment of apartment, decoration work, road works, sewage, telephone and all electrical works.

Address Badaro,Badaro center,11th Fl.
Phone +961 (0)1 380 520
Website Fax +961 (0)1 392 766


Beam International

Beam International is a well established company with an extensive track record in the fields of construction and engineering, materials trading, and equipment supply. From its location in Beirut, Lebanon, Beam succeeded, through the collaborative efforts of its teams, in servicing international clients and attending to their needs with utmost commitment and dedication.

Address 5th Floor, Al Maskan Bldg, Corniche Al Mazraa, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 307 000 Website
Fax +961 (0)1 300 222

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