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Dantziguian Hrayr sarl

Serving the customer’s needs for safety and security, Dantziguian Hrayr Automation Systems s.a.r.l has always pioneered in providing all new technologies growing worldwide. Our company treats low current systems (fire alarm, intrusion alarm, CCTV, access control, as well as home automation (KNX -EIB) and automatic doors and gates. DHAS 'product' is not just the hardware elements; our product is the complete supported installation. Made of a team of professionals, we guarantee the best, but we also offer the best after sales services you can get.

Address 171 Str. 11 Mkalles-Meten, LB 2701 2327, Dantziguian Bldg., 1251 2030 Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 683 770 Website
P-mail PO Box 55344 Sin El Fil-Meten Mobile +961 (0)3 224 467
Fax +961 (0)1 683 769


Home Mobility

At Home Mobility, we provide solutions to every day Mobility problems in and outside home. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our Customers. We make sure to give you a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Address S Str, Daher Sarba, Zouk Mikael, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)9 224 004
Website Mobile +961 (0)3 711 112
Fax +961 (0)9 224 004


POTEL s.a.r.l.

Our mission is to offer services in the field of electrical contracting, low current and telecommunications engineering, interacting with the best international suppliers thus serving valuable customers, always achieving the best for all.

Address Sector 4, Street 44, Building 56, Sin El Fil, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)1 500 005
Tel2 +961 (0)1 511 611 Website
Mobile +961 (0)3 944 119 Fax +961 (0)1 498 241


SIS s.a.l.

SIS s.a.l. is a company specialized in Personal Protective Equipment and in work wear and uniform manufacturing. Our work wear factory offers a wild range of uniform made from textile imported from Europe and from the Far East, providing the highest level and quality service products which include printed and embroidered badges and logos.

Address Behind St. Joseph Hospital, Dora, Lebanon
Tel1 +961 (0)1 240 011 Tel2 + 961 (0)1 252 905
Website Fax +961 (0)1 248 867


Societe Raymond Barakeh sal

  Societe Raymond Barakeh sal part of Barakeh Holding group sal, manufactures different types of products: plastics pvc, pe-ld, pe-hd, pp-rc hoses, waterstops, tubes, spacers, profiles, pvc granules, paints, waterproofing systems, insulation products, concrete additives, foam concrete chemicals, and metal works including various industrial equipment and machines.

Address Bauchrieh, Industrial City, Saffar Bldg., Str. 86
Phone +961 (0)1 690 594 Website
P-mail 119737- Beirut, LEBANON Mobile +961 (0)3 264 868
Fax +961 (0)1 690 594

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