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Architecture Lab

ARCHITECTURE LAB will also be a tool for promoting young artists, architects and designers around the world, focusing on the Middle Eastern region. Architecture Lab is edited by Aline Chahine, architect and designer working and living in Beirut, Lebanon.




Architecture-Page is an international online-publication on architecture and design. The main focus of Architecture-Page is publishing relevant, accurate and up-to-date information on architecture firms, design studios, and their work. The information is sourced directly from the respective firms and is available to readers for free.



[AC-CA] is an international architectural competition organizer focused on initiating progressive competitions and publishing the winners. There are cash prizes for competitors finishing first, second and third. We at [AC-CA] aspire to be a forum through which architectural concepts and visions are expressed, realized and showcased. Our unique competitions are open to everyone from architecture students/schools, graduates to practicing architects or even individuals.

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