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Art In Lebanon

Art-In-Lebanon is the pioneer when it comes to promoting Lebanese art and artists in events, exhibitions, and online. This project is a branch of Retouch s.a.r.l. and John D. Raidy, and was established for the purpose of including all Lebanese artists and their art under one title and in one archive.

Address Retouch sarl, 288 Horch Tabet Center, Beirut, Lebanon
Phone +961 (0)1 490 115 Website
Mobile +961 (0)3 234 241 Fax +961 (0)1 490 116


Dictaphone Group

Dictaphone Group was created with the aim of using the research of existing spaces in the city to inform and create public events that use live art as a means to comment on these urban landscapes. It is interested in making multi-disciplinary work through open collaborations based on urban research, oral history, site specific performances and encounters involving the inhabitants of these spaces, within a wider interest in political and social landscapes.




LIBALEL was founded in September 2010 and is a web documentary devoted to the fledging Lebanese artistic scene. The making of a series of portraits of young artists living in Lebanon is the core of the project.

Phone +33 (0)6 49 32 71 84


Magali Katra

"Katra is a "people watcher" par excellence. She watches how they interact socially, how they carry themselves, how they move. And she suggests that what interests her most is the difference between how people act socially and in solitude, the facades they erect for others, and the walls they demolish by themselves." Daily Star-Herald Tribune

Phone +961 (0)4 525 557
Website P-mail PO Box 910637 Jal El Dib, Lebanon

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