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29 arabic letters

Pascal Zoghbi, Arabic Type Designer and Typographer, is the founder of 29letters, an Arabic Type Design and Typography firm in Beirut. His design work ranges from creating new Arabic fonts, corporate identities and print publications.

Website Mobile +961 70 167 329


Beirut Public Space

Maysa Phares is an aspiring urban designer pursuing a Master’s degree at the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning, in Vancouver.


Dictaphone Group

Dictaphone Group was created with the aim of using the research of existing spaces in the city to inform and create public events that use live art as a means to comment on these urban landscapes. It is interested in making multi-disciplinary work through open collaborations based on urban research, oral history, site specific performances and encounters involving the inhabitants of these spaces, within a wider interest in political and social landscapes.



Kalimat Magazine

The “Arab voice” is being dubbed in the voices of non-Arabs speaking on our behalf. Kalimat’s agenda is to demonstrate to its readers that Arab issues should be discussed and dissected, first and foremost, by Arabs.


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